Our Sponsors

Businesses often sponsor us with the attire we wear to events, products we use, food we eat, etc.
While we make sure to let people know these are sponsored/provided we also like to let you know how important our sponsors are! Having sponsors allows us to provide our interviews and event coverage free to artists, community organizers, entrepreneurs & more, allowing them professional exposure for growth, which helps our communities as well.


AlkaVita Water

Our hydration sponsor!

Delicious and fresh alkaline water from a natural spring here in Florida with a healthy ph balance of 8.0, bottled in 100% BPA FREE biodegradable plastic, and packed NATURALLY with electrolytes. We take it on the road, to the gym and keep a bottle handy during every interview!

Click the picture to visit their page and make sure to use either code: DieselGod or KtownKris when checking out to show you support Salted Culture!