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This Week’s #FBLIVESeries

This week’s special guest is Matt LeBris, CEO/Owner of 1B Branding, Host of Decoding Success Podcast and Public Speaker.

A native New Yorker Matt was born with the hustle in his blood, starting with making plates as a kid for the neighbors to working in the industry with Hip-Hop heavyweights to now making sure he spreads the knowledge and helps others who have the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Make sure you check out his pages and podcasts, share the video for others and come back next week for an all new show!


What We Do…

While we have our individual projects often we love coming together and creating Salted Culture. You can catch us Sundays with our FB LIVE Series, coordinating and hosting events, voicing promos and commercials, interviewing on the red carpet or back stage and so much more. Salted Culture is more than a website or media network, we are THE VOICE for community, creatives and culture!

"One of the most inspiring duos in the city. They are a great team and really assist with connecting people to the resources they need. They also seem to be very knowledgeable in the culture of Jacksonville, FL & can bring life to any event!”

— Carlos "Los2k" Smith- Film Director & Creator