Who is The Diesel God?

Dominique 'The Diesel God' Hatcher is a health enthusiast, aspiring bodybuilder, author, actor and creator of The Geek Mansion. While he originally came onto the scene as a singer he has found his place in acting both on film as well as stage theatre, being a brand ambassador for health & fitness brands and making body appreciation of all sizes an important aspect of life. 

While the rest of the world is now catching up the the love of all things geek, Diesel has been writing scifi-type short stories and blogs for some time and is currently creating his first full novel. If you want to know who will be in the next comic film or how to make some amazing meal prep then you gotta follow his social pages where he focuses on health, film, comics,  geek culture and social activism.

Having grew up with military parents, he's traveled all over the world, ending up in Duval after his parents retired in NE Florida. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force where he was deployed overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Now he's focused on building his brand and looking for all the good in life. He married Kristina 'Ktown Kris' and has fallen in love with networking events, guest appearing in music videos and trying out all the new venues as Ktown and Diesel while also adjusting to new life as a stepdad to teenagers. Follow his pages for even more The Diesel God and The Geek Mansion.